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Title Search

A Dependable Search, When You Need It

Fast Service

Our use of advanced technology and processes ensures the fastest turnaround, in most cases, less than 24 hours.

Peace of Mind

Our title search professionals conduct exhaustive searches to reveal any claims against each property.

Experienced Professionals

Our staff is versed on all aspects of real estate conveyance and have conducted thousands of title searches.

Very simply put, a title is a bundle of rights in real estate property that determines ownership. A title search is done to protect the buyer by ensuring that they are getting all of the rights to the property for which they paid. Without a proper title search, buyers could be subject to claims made by parties holding liens or encumbrances against the property or, in worst case scenarios, find themselves victims of a fraudulent transaction conducted by a seller who had no rights to transfer the title in the first place.

A thorough and properly conducted title search ensures that the property, or title, is free from any such claims. Our title search professionals will examine chain of title, report on possession and conduct a thorough search for tax liabilities, special assessments, judgements and name. Once our work is done, buyers can choose whether to negotiate with the sellers to clear up any issues and move forward with obtaining title insurance to protect against any title issues not reported in public record.

For more information on how title search can protect real estate investments, visit our blog or contact us.