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Escrow Services

Escrow Services You Can Count On

Experienced Professionals

Our real estate and title professionals deliver the fastest, most accurate closing available.

Electronic Documents

Faster, more secure delivery of all documents.

Full Service

Our staff is experienced in all aspects of real estate conveyance and can manage your entire closing process from beginning to end.

Escrow provides security and convenience to both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. New England Title & Escrow Services will act as a trusted third party to ensure the safe and orderly transfer of assets as well as to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

Our experienced escrow professionals will use the latest technology available to administer the fastest, most secure closing for your real estate transaction by:

  • Assuming impartial fiduciary responsibility for documents and funds
  • Preparing escrow instructions and documents related to the terms of the sale
  • Ordering title and record searches
  • Reviewing all documents as well as the lender’s conditions related to title and hazard insurance.
  • Presenting all documents to the buyer and seller for approval
  • Receiving and reviewing the proceeds from the lender and buyer
  • Determining a reasonable closing date
  • Recording the deed, deed of trust and any other documents required to complete the sale
  • Preparing the final settlement statement and disbursing funds to the appropriate parties

For more information on how our escrow service can provide a faster, more accurate closing for your next real estate transaction, contact us today.