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The inside of your home might be newly renovated with new appliances, fresh pain and newly finished hardwood floors, but if your home is lacking curb appeal, you may never get potential buyers inside your front door.  Your home’s exterior, along with your lawn, gardens, garage and walkways need to turn heads and grab the attention of buyers and passersby.

If you designate a couple of weekends and put in a bit of work, you can have the outside of your home just as eye catching as the inside.

Maintain your Lawn

This goes beyond simply mowing your lawn every week.  Be sure your lawn is getting enough water to keep it looking healthy and green.  Fertilize your lawn when needed to perk up any unhealthy spots.

Spruce up and add to gardens

Be sure to pull any weeds that creep up and consider adding flowers to your landscape.  Adding some green, such as trees or shrubbery, will also enhance your properties appearance.

Give your exterior a good cleaning

Give your house, porch, garage and driveway a good cleaning with the power washer.  If you don’t have one, you can rent one at most home improvement stores without breaking the bank.  Avoid power washing your roof and windows as that may cause damage.

Remove any cobwebs in the corners of windows and doors, and wash your windows.

Refresh your paint

After power washing, take a good look at your trim and see how well it has weathered the storms.  Often times the paint on your shutters and the trim of your home starts to flake or it ages and begins to look dull.  A fresh coat of paint with help to make the house really stand out, even it you can’t repaint the house itself.

Install Shutters

If your home is currently without shutters, consider adding them.  Shutters can dramatically change the look of a home and makes your windows appear larger in size.

Rethink your front door

You walk through your front door every day, yet you probably do not give it much thought or attention.  Add a fresh coat of paint, preferable a bold color to make it really pop in contrast with your siding.  Replacing the hardware and adding an accent wreath with further make your door stand out with its fresh new look.

Revitalize your porch

Turn your porch into a welcoming oasis or an additional living space that invites people to sit and relax.  Remove clutter and replace dated or worn out furniture with a porch swing or simple outdoor tables and chairs.  Add flower pots to each side of your door or stairs.  Add solar lights or string lights, not just for additional lighting, but also to bring a touch of warmth to the area.

Give your mailbox new life

You do not necessarily need to go out and buy a new mailbox.  If the mailbox itself it still in good condition, adding a fresh coat of paint with make it look good as new!

Make your walkway a welcoming path to your door

If you have a walkway made of pavers, brick or stone, make sure there are no cervices or holes that people can twist their ankles on.   If there are, be sure to fill them in safety and appearances.  Also consider edging the walkway and adding solar lights along the sides to define the path to your door.

While it might take a bit of planning, and possibly some manual labor, sprucing up the exterior of your home and your property will go a long way in boosting your curb appeal.  Remember, the exterior is the first aspect of your property that buyers will see, so taking the time and putting in the effort will get them in the front door, getting you one step closer to closing a deal.