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You Are Our Hero

You Are Our Hero…

But Sometimes Even Heroes Need a Helping Hand.

All of us at New England Title and Escrow Services love the communities we serve and the people who make up those communities. We know that it takes the efforts and contributions of each and every one of those individuals to make those communities what they are and that without those services, our neighborhoods and lives would be very different.

In appreciation of the work and contribution that so many give to make our lives and communities better, we have created the Hometown Heroes Appreciation Program. This program offers substantial discounts on closing costs for:

  • Veterans and Active Military
  • Nurses and Doctors
  • Firefighters and EMTs
  • Police
  • Teachers

Additionally, we also donate a portion of the proceeds of these loans to charities benefiting these professions as well to show our appreciation of their daily sacrifices and contributions to our communities on both a local and national level.

Please visit our Hometown Heroes Program page to learn more about the program and it’s requirements, or ask your lender or realtor for more information today.